Making a better web: our mission, your success

We're simplifying website management while improving usability, accessibility, and SEO.

Who we are

Cloudtrellis was founded in 2020. Our work began as a custom software development agency named Foxhound Systems, with a focus on making SaaS applications. Our team has taken on a wide variety of engagements ranging from creating greenfield applications to working as technical consultants providing guidance on system architecture and performance in thousand-person organizations. The software systems we’ve built run today at many organizations, continually being used by millions of end users both in the United States and internationally.

During our work, we discovered that many organizations struggle to get their websites and web applications working optimally, leading to issues with website structure, outdated content, or basic accessibility issues. This inspired us to create Cloudtrellis, a tool specifically designed to address common issues such as broken links, accessibility problems, search engine optimization errors, and performance bottlenecks. By leaning on our extensive experience in software development and system optimization, we developed Cloudtrellis to help organizations maintain exceptional, high-performing websites with ease. Our mission is to empower businesses with the tools they need to ensure their web presence is robust, user-friendly, optimized for search, and accessible to all.


Photograph of Christian Charukiewicz
Christian Charukiewicz
Founder & CEO

Christian has a decade of experience designing and building commercial software systems. His expertise is in building SaaS software, and spans across every part of the software product development lifecycle, including creating and refining a product vision, developing product strategy and UX design, producing technical specifications and wireframes, planning software architecture and APIs, software development, as well as technical infrastructure design & provisioning, and ongoing system management. He has built products from idea to production system many times.

Christian has played many roles over the course of his career: CTO, Software Engineer, Product Manager, Product Strategist, Mentor, Teacher.

Photograph of Ben Levy
Ben Levy
Founder & CTO

Ben is an outstanding technologist and accomplished software engineer. He has worked for a wide variety of organizations over the course of his professional career, including eBay, Bloomberg, Boeing, as well as several smaller companies. Ben has a very broad software engineering background, and has professional experience working on a wide array of software systems and languages, ranging from aircraft flight simulators to web applications.

He has spent the last few years working predominantly on web services and open source libraries written in Haskell. He is a maintainer of the Esqueleto library, which is the most widely used SQL library in the Haskell ecosystem.